Ruffin Monroe performs classic rock, folk rock, and some soul and R&B tunes, interpreted in their own special way. They have, after all, lived through those eras personally and have a wide perspective on almost the entire panoramic popular music scene since the inception of radio and recording stars (or at least before Elvis).

Ruffin Monroe has written their share of tunes, as well. We could have just as easily written the covers that we do. We play ’em like they’re ours anyway. I guess any real artist assimilates the tune until it comes forth from within. Shucks, it’s not much different than making it up yourself, especially with all the improv between verses. We’re certainly not a note-for-note ‘tribute’ kind of band, though we do hold the original artist in the light of a healthy respect. Even at that, the words may veer off into uncharted and original territory at any given moment. That’s what keeps it fresh and alive…like us!

Yep, Ruffin Monroe has lived through it all and is still kicking up sand….